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About One Agency

One Agency is a revolution in real estate, empowering both individual real estate professionals and established agencies to take control of their future and bring an entirely new level of service to clients.

Every successful agent wants to be in a position to achieve their true potential and bring their own vision, ideas and working style to life, with many seeking to re-invigorate their brand and enhance their market presence. We believe we have achieved the perfect vehicle for driven agents to steer their own ship and better represent their clients in the marketplace, thus gaining them the best result possible.

We are New Zealand and Australia’s fastest growing real estate group, with many new businesses on a weekly basis each month. One Agency Principals are all well-known and respected real estate professionals who use the unique One Agency platform to open their own operation, without the constraints of belonging to a big franchise. And because they have such a vested interest in the success of the business and it’s their name on the company, this translates to far greater care and attention to clients as well as a greater incentive to achieve premium results.